Sarah G White, SLP-CCC, is a certified speech therapist, child educator, musician, author of popular "fan fiction," and the person who transformed Thumbpire from just a title (which is as far as her father had gotten after several years) into a genuinely funny and heartwarming story.

Stephen White is the former writer of television's "Barney & Friends™," responsible for dozens of best-selling books, videos, television episodes, stage shows, and even a movie. He is also an award-winning audio producer and, as evidenced on Thumbpire, a tremendous ham when put in front of a microphone.

Just as the vampire family works together in Thumbpire, the creation of this book was also a family project - and what we hope will be only the first of many future collaborations!

And Very Special Thanks to...

TONY NEAL, the very talented illustrator who brought all the well-meaning monsters to life with such colorful style and humor!

CHRIS MAYER ( who provided invaluable assistance in writing and fine-tuning the computer code that makes the THUMBPIRE app so much fun!

IMRAN MOHAMMED  ( whose coding skills and support enabled the app to run on Android devices.

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